The First Step

The First Step

The First Step. After twenty three years, you would think “the first step” would get easier over time. If life in this world has taught me anything… that’s rarely the case. Sometimes, it even gets harder. When I was growing up, especially during my teenage years, it was really easy to just dive into a new hobby or skill. Now that I am married, a homeowner, a business owner and have dogs and horses, it’s becomes more and more of a payoff dilemma. I have to make wise use of my time and put effort into the things that are good long term decisions. You might be wondering why I am writing a blog at all, then. The short answer is, I need to remind myself that my responsibilities are just that: responsibilities. I am still the same person I was before I had these responsibilities and this blog will allow me to remember that simple fact and still make the time to do the things that nurture the soul.

I could just oversimplify it and just say this will be an outdoor blog, but that wouldn’t do it justice. From rock climbing, to hiking, to woodworking and my photography, you will see a variety of the pieces to the puzzle that makes me whole. We recently took an impromptu trip up the mountain to explore a new rock climbing location I learned of—Dome Rock in Ponderosa. It was the first hike my nine month old Shepherd, Khoena, had been on and it was a blast working her over new, natural obstacles. My little four year old Terrier, Jones, is a pro after all the years we spent on trails in the Los Angeles area prior to our move up north. Nothing beats these views… and I think you can safely assume why we decided to plant our roots in this area.

So, friends, I want to thank you for embarking on this new journey with me. It is my hope that you are able to find some inspiration in this small corner of the universe to follow your own passions. You just have to take the first step of believing in yourself.

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